Sunday, October 3, 2010


Week two is over and done with! It was a good week. We were very fortunate in that we had Emmy Cleaves for the entire week! She taught every single morning class and we had her for one lecture every day too except today, due to her leaving. Emmy absolutely rocks!!! Every single lecture she gave was interesting and fun to listen to. One day she helped us with the posture that we struggle with, but requested that we first focus on the Triangle. Lots of people came up and asked for specific corrections. Within no time the lineup was immense. So I just passed it and payed close attention to Emmy’s advice. Most of the time she kept correcting the position of the hip pushing it more down and in. That’s what I tried in the evening class…. Not such a good idea… I must have twisted my knee while trying to adjust my hips, ouch! Next day I checked it out with Emmy and she said that I am doing it alright and my hip position is where it should be, no correction needed!!! With my knee a little sore, she told me to take it easy for a while. The next time we had a Question/Answer session. Emmy is a true well of information and so patient!!!! For the most part the questions were interesting but then it turned more into an advice on relationship/sex life. It is quite entertaining to listen to the worries of some people, for a while that is. I can only express my deepest respect for the patience with which Emmy continued to answer. She might be back for the last week and I keep my fingers crossed that she will!! The evening classes were covered by Bikram. Wednesday he had to leave for the day and we had the pleasure of having Ann as our instructor. She normally teaches at Headquarters. It was a fantastic class, very energetic and good to follow.
The evenings were not too bad. Monday and Thursday went until 2am, Tuesday to 1am and Wednesday to midnight. The movies we watched were good and I could stay awake to follow along. Only drawback in the whole thing is this endless sitting in these chairs. My butt cheek gives me hell for being abused and it shows in the practice. Yesterday I stumbled over a so called “total pillow”, which looks like a flower-doughnut, can be twisted in every shape and will hopefully put me back on good terms with my sore behind.
Yesterday was another day of laundry and grocery. In the afternoon a few of us opted to stay at the hotel and go in the hot tub to study dialogue. Later Chrissy, Heather, Jane and me took the Trolley to Old San Diego and went for some more Mexican food. This time the choice of restaurant wasn’t as good as last weeks, but it was still tasty and plenty.
Today I will most likely stay here, study and chill. At 10am we meet again at the hot tub to do the ‘Round Robin’. I’ll call home to get an update now, enjoy some breakfast and let the day unfold!


  1. Hey Bettina,

    Really missing you here as I stumble through the 30 day Challenge but so glad you are having an interesting time down in California. Happy to hear your updates when you have time and reading Jane's too. The different perspectives are amusing. Much success!!


  2. Always a pleasure to read your posts (and Jane's)...I do feel for those sore bum cheeks...:(