Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summary of week 1

Twice this week while pressing the publish button of the blog site, the internet hung up and either only partly published my entry, or deleted it all together. I can tell you that that did not leave me in a happy mood!! Learning from mistakes, I’m now writing them first on Word and transfer them after finishing, that gives me at least a back-up in case the internet access messes up again.
This morning we had our last class for this week. It was taught by Emma, who as I understand is Jim’s wife. It was a really good class for two reasons: I liked her style and would have loved to be able to listen to what she was saying even better but the Mic. didn’t seem to be working too well; and I finally seem to get my footing right in Camel Pose. All week I have been slip-sliding all over the place. I expected this to happen for I normally practice on the towel, but this carpet is soooo slippery that even Bikram is unsatisfied. Jane helped me with a few pointers on how to go down and Tu was kind enough to give me some advice as well. I have tried to incorporate all that each and every class and today I had a glimpse of hope that I will be able to execute it without making a split at some, not too far away, point. I have to admit that I have preferred the outer zone and back rows so far out of fear that Bikram would spot me and make me do the Triangle until the crack of dawn. He has said that we are to take it easy in the first week but that hasn’t stopped him from coming down on some of the students that did not perform to his standards. I don’t think I will go anywhere near a location where I can count on being spotted as long as I can avoid it. If I don’t go down far enough my height gives me away anyway so hiding is close to impossible as is. It is funny though to see the usual show-offs, as there have to be some at every event, who just can’t resist the temptation, or need, to impress and then hear Bikram say that “too good is no good when you don’t do it the right way”. So far we had classes taught by Bikram, Rajashree, Rick, Brandy (Yoga-Worldchampion 2010), Jim and Antonia. All of the classes have been great with lots of interesting insights and tips. There are a few issues with the temperature in the tent and so far we have had it nice and warm, rather cool, deadly humid and comfortable. It was funny when we got told ,by Dom, that the staff, that is attending to the regulation of the temperature, is trying to get it right but don’t seem to can get their mind around the fact that we still want it warmer when they consider it too warm to be in, yet alone have a work-out in,to start with. They all think we’re nut heads and I can’t really say I disagree.
Dialogue is coming along nicely and I guess we are more than ½ way through. Bikram seems to be in very good spirits because he keeps saying that we are the best prepared students yet. I’m sure that he says that every time, but it is nice to hear anyways. Sadly his good mood gets taken more and more as a free card to do as one pleases. In the beginning we were asked that there is no leaving the tent when Bikram is there, other than in urgent matters, as well as no talking. At this point both gets ignored by some and I start wondering if he will draw the line sometime soon and let us all do an extra class?? I have to admit that I do like to have a little chuckle in between, or even whisper a comment to my neighbor, but the volume in which some are talking makes it hard to listen to the feedback Bikram is giving to the one delivering the dialogue, not to mention that I think it is not nice for the one on stage, nor is it respectful towards Bikram. That his patience is limited showed when he came down on one of the people sitting too close to him and sharing his bits of wisdom at inopportune moments. All of a sudden it was a silent as in a church!!
Wednesday and Thursday we got to watch our first share of Bollywood! Wednesday was a colorful, romantic, very predictable Movie that oozed romance, dance and sweetness all over the screen. The main actors are very pleasing to look at, so even when it didn’t have a lot of depth, or I just failed to get it (always a possibility),it was pleasing to look at. Again there was talking and loads of silly giggling, to right out laughter, which had no connection with what was happening on screen. The movie kept us up until 2 in the morning. Thursday we were shown the movie “Jodhaa Akbar”. It had the same main actors but this time it had less of the dancing but way more muscle-play, fighting and bloodshed. Sure enough it had a happy end, so all is well in Bollywood!! This one kept us in the lecture tent until 3 in the morning.
Due to some mix up in the starting time for evening lecture we were pressed a little in time. Thanks to an accumulation of unlucky circumstances I didn’t get to have a good dinner. That caught up with me in the Friday morning class. So it slowly kicks in that food is not just for satisfying hunger, which becomes less in my case by the way, but it is essential to keep going. Lesson learned: do not, under any circumstances, skip a meal but keep munching continuously! Nuts, dried fruits, avocados, bananas and power/energy bars are my favorite right now together with coconut water and smoothies. After the evening class, taught by Bikram, it was announced that we had the evening off. Boy if that wasn’t a BIG cheer!!!
All together it has been a fabulous week, I’m feeling happy to be here and am curious for the next week!


  1. Thank you for the "play-by-play" account of your first week, Bettina! As I am reading your post, I am forming pictures in my mind :) Thinking of you lots!

  2. hasn't he told you yet that he sees everything, no matter where you are in the room?...."you know my eyes"....congrats on week one...have a great week TWO!!

  3. Thanks Ida and Lorrena, thinking of you a lot too!
    Yes, Ida his eyes are everywhere, but one can dream or? ;-)