Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A perfect weekend

It’s Sunday evening shortly after 7pm, I’m well fed, happy, relaxed and in good spirits for the start of the next week.
Saturday, after the class with Emma, I had 2!! Bottles of Vitaminwater, ice cold. I had had one of them on Friday after evening class and felt really good so I thought I might as well take two and have one for later. But, I dillydallied around at the tent and drank both of them without thinking much of it. I can tell you that that won’t happen again!! Once back in my room I got nasty stomach cramps and had to clear it all out in a wash. Guess I was booked for that experience since I had taken a pass on Jane’s offer for a laundry run and due to that was given enough time to spend on the toilet. When Jane got back and we all got ready to go to Old San Diego, everything was fine again. We had a great dinner in a very colorful Mexican restaurant and enjoyed a little walk around. We sure will go for a more thorough look another time. Then it was (kind of) early tuck-in.
Today Jane, Jana (my roomy), Jayna (Jane’s roomy) and me went out to have some early groceries at Ralphs and Trader Joe’s. Coming back I had another ‘argument’ with my internet connection but hope that it is sorted out now. Then it was some family time on the phone with catching up on both sides. Around 2pm the same group from the morning, joined by Heather, went out to hit the beach. We went to a place called La Jolla. It was sooooo beautiful!! And the weather was just perfect with 31 Degree Celcius. It was nice and breezy, beautiful sand, quite strong waves and great scenery. We goofed around for some time, doing postures and even practiced some dialogue. We decided to grab an early dinner and enjoyed another round of Mexican food. Yummy!!!
Earlier today I did a little photo-shoot around the hotel, or the part I’m most of the time. Sadly, I haven’t figured out how to attach them yet and since time is of the essence I won’t try to find out before the next weekend.

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