Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

Monday, the week started with a great class taught by Emmy Cleaves. Sadly enough the Mics on my side of the tent were still kind of low so it was difficult to catch all that she was saying. But there is always inspiration to take from every class and Emmy had a lot of wisdom to share. Later we had a lecture with her in which she talked about pain. The sentence that found its way into my memory is: “convert the agony of stretching into the luxury of release”, mulling that one over for the rest of the day. It was a beautiful day, apparently the hottest since a long time in San Diego, and due to that the tent was heated up to a degree that was close to impossible to take on at first when we arrived for evening class. But!, don’t underestimate the power of breathing!! So I settled in quite nicely, sweat running down on me like after class, only from being in the tent concentrating on breathing. Bikram taught again, as he usually teaches all the evening classes, as long as he is here. (He is supposed to leave week 3 and 4). He was not happy with us! There were way too many people leaving (Dom estimated later around 100 Students) and I already started dreading him announcing more sets of everything just to make up for the mass exodus! Luckily that didn’t happen. My Triangle is improving, still not to where I’d like but well on it’s way. The lady next to me had a good cry for most of the class and I reached over to her a couple of times, by the end she seemed to be ok. Jane told me later that she blacked out in Triangle and I got a dizzy attack in the first set of Camel that send me on my mat. Other than that we survived the class fairly well, and most of all stayed in the tent!!
After class it was off to the lecture tent to get a lecture from Bikram on what Yoga is. He arrived wearing is fancy, shiny blue two-piece outfit and did a little catwalk performance on stage so we could all admire his fashion sense! After that little fun break he talked to us from 9:30 pm until midnight upon which he decided that we were ready to watch the first part of the 92 existing ones from the movie called ‘MAHABHARAT’ which translates into GREAT INDIA. So we got to go to bed at 2 this morning.
Today we started again with a class taught by Emmy. This time she walked around the room and would just appear in front of you all of a sudden. As of today we have started with the rotation of rows so that everybody gets to be in the front, middle and back at times. Being in group 4 had me close to the front, but I didn’t do so badly. At least I think so since Emmy walked passed twice and didn’t call me out. We all did way better and there weren’t that many people leaving. After the class we enjoyed another set of dialogue presentations and should be done soon. Evening class was again with Bikram. He can get pretty mad if he thinks you don’t give it your best “I HATE LAZY PEOPLE” is his favorite phrase which he uses frequently. Being in the front, 4th row, he was very close up. I was ready to be called out, since, as Ida pointed out: there is no hiding from him; but wonder of wonders it didn’t happen. I did fall out in Triangle, and he was looking in my, general, direction but no punishment followed. I can hold it now quite ok but if he decides to give lengthy call-outs or explanations while we hold, or try to hold, the posture I still slip out of it. Still, I have nearly 8 more weeks to work on it!!!
Tonight’s program is not totally clear yet. Dom said that we will finish dialogue but Bikram also wants to talk about Tattoos. Slowly getting the hang of the game it will most likely be both and my bed will be empty for most of the night….. I’m going to catch a little power nap and then it will begin…..

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