Monday, September 6, 2010

Lazy Day

There is no denying it: Summer is not only over because school starts again tomorrow but with the amount of clouds, rain, wind and cold temperatures [it's only 11 Degree Celsius] Labour Day is presenting itself with, the lazy hazy days seem to be history.
It was a lovely weekend. It started with a good class on Friday! Nothing major happened only my toe is still acting up a little. It was the first time though that I got a little present, from my fellow Yogi Dana, as a I'll-be-thinking-of-you while you are at TT! I was totally caught off guard with this gesture of thoughtfulness!!! How sweet can it get?
In the evening we met with friends to have a joined celebration of the 40th birthday and me going away. 
We went to this great restaurant >Paprika Bistro< and had a fabulous dinner!!!Again I got a bag full of thoughtfulness to take along to San Diego. That really brought home the fact that there isn't much time left until I'll leave!
Yesterday was spend with preparing for friends coming over for BBQ,  luckily the weather played along and we had a good time.
Today I went to class again. We've just had a little change in the schedule and today was the first time it applied. It seemed that everyone had gotten the notice for there were no late comers. It was a great class! Not only did Carla teach, and I love to witness her transformation from class to class [by now it's getting hard to tell she 'just' got out of TT-spring 2010], but the class was well visited and had a really good energy. I love practicing in that kind of class!! Carla suggested with this kind of weather to go home and snuggle up in bed with a good book and coffee and /or tea.... well, I don't have a good book right now- it's only dialogue for me and I try to keep temptation at bay- and to spend all day in bed feels like a waste to me, but it has been sitting on the couch, reading dialogue, drinking tea and enjoying a slice of 'Zwetschgendatschi'  with a healthy helping of whipped cream =THE cake-temptation par excellence and a German classic. And it will continue with some crab cake for dinner together with fresh crab meat with lemon-garlic butter and baguette. Mind you, this is not our normal fare but a combination of our friends catching more crabs then they could eat and this being the last evening before the school routine starts again. So we rise to the occasion and will have some yummy dinner followed by the family piling on the the couch, cuddling, watching a good movie (the kids will decide which one), maybe enjoying more munchies  and calling it a day fairly early.

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