Monday, August 30, 2010

In three weeks

Today in three weeks I'll be standing amongst an ocean of yogis going through the 26 postures under the watchful eye of, hopefully, Bikram Choudhury himself. That has a ring to it for sure, I just have to figure out if that ring is frightening or more exciting!!!
There is still plenty to do before this is to happen and I'm glad for the time.
Last week was a funny experience with my practice. As I mentioned before, I felt like I'm not where I could be right now. On top of that, each and every day during class, the teacher would find something in my postures in need of corrections. I'm not sure if they had a general staff meeting in which they decided to take a real close look at all the 4 students going to TT, if my practice got worse then even I thought, or (and I have to admit that this is the most likely scenario) they just all want to help me to improve. But it was kind of funny having the week start with Ida correcting me in the Half Moon and a few other postures that I can't remember, continue on with Tuesday and my Standing Bow, Wednesday a multitude of little things, Thursday again my Standing Bow (this time because I was trying to keep Tuesday's correction in mind and didn't pay close enough attention on the rest and sure enough got busted for it ;-) ) and then there was Friday... I didn't get any correction directed solely at me!! But by that time I was so used to being corrected that I felt like being talked to even though the corrections were given to the class at large.
Now, it is totally normal for our teachers to address students directly, correct them and/or praise them, but I felt only my name was being called, repeatedly, even though the classes were well visited, and it wasn't just me who got that impression.
Since Wednesday I have been taking Electrolytes and I get the feeling that I'm slowly picking up my rhythm again. So after a weekend's rest I was eager for class today. I felt great,  despite a rather nervous digestive system ( my bodies way in letting me know that TT is coming closer, just in case I forget). The class was quite full and had a good energy, all seemed well... It took until Eagle before I heard my name being called again.... bummer I thought here we go into another round.... but surprise of surprises it was the ONLY correction I got and even got a praise! So, maybe, I'm finally out of the rough? I sure am ready for it to be over!!!
Back at home doing laundry and hurrying along, I slammed my two middle toes, of my right foot, right into a corner of the wall! Lucky I had my laundry along that made for a soft landing when I went down! It wasn't a face-down landing, the toes squeezing in the corner of the wall made for a dead-stop, but fireworks went off inside my eyes and Dizzy was there to party along. I was sure I heard the bone crack but that must have been the wall because other then a little swelling and a gash on one of the two toes nothing more is to be seen. I checked the wall for permanent damage but it is fine, standing solid and waiting for the next person hustling by, failing to pay due respect to it's 'shapely' contours.  The toe with the gash doesn't like a 'tight grip' or confined quarters right now so it's gonna be ice bags and sandals for a while. I'm already curious to find out if my not-pointing-the-toe will lead to the next call-out in class tomorrow ;-)


  1. The teachers at my studio have been picking me out and giving me corrections too recently. As one said to me, "Bikram is going to notice you, so I just want to be sure you're in good form."

    Consider the extra attention a compliment and use it as an opportunity to learn as much as you can!

  2. Thanks Chrissy, I'm sure all of my teachers only mean the best for me and all will be fine in the end, but it still is funny to notice ;-)

  3. Hey Stranger! I love this post! The teachers are "breaking you in" before Bikram does! :) How are the toes these days?

    I hope I can catch you before you go off to TT ~ this coming week perhaps?

  4. Hi Lorrena, my toes are getting better (no shout-outs) but the gash is still a little swollen. I'll be there next week, just not the 9 am reliable, Tuesday due to school start and Wednesday I'm not sure of yet, other then that I should hit my usual time. Hope to catch up with you before take-off!!