Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Next generation

Today I had the pleasure to practice alongside my daughter! It was her fist time with the grown-ups, normal temperature and double sets of postures. She's been doing kids yoga, offered at our studio, and has had  a great time so far. After the last class of this course Anastasia (GREAT teacher & studio owner) invited Agnes to give the 'normal' class a go. For starters she skipped the standing series and came into the room at Savasana. She stayed for the entire remaining time, did every posture and didn't feel bad!! After class she mentioned to me that she had a little bit of a headache, but other then that she was fine! A real trooper!!!
Anastasia had mentioned to her that she could see her, once she's 16, to participate at the Yoga championship...
Right now, Agnes is a little intimidated by that prospect but give it a few more years and more time in the hot room and who can say what she'll be up too!! Here is to the next generation of yogis!!!

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