Monday, August 23, 2010

Slowly getting closer

After a nice, Yoga-practice!-free weekend (there is still the dialogue...) I went to class again today. My practice hasn't been what it could be for some time now and I was curious to see if a weekend off would be good? Even though I didn't feel  as bad as normal, I still had to fight dizziness.
Dizzy and me, we are very close at any time during the standing series ( me being not the shortest of persons ) and Dizzy really likes to cuddle up at the end of the first part of Awkward Pose, but it seems that it has gotten more and more as of lately.
There is the great advantage of my studio in that Ida Ripley - is one of the many great teachers the students get exposed to. So my week started, unexpected, with a class taught by her. I love her classes for she is a stickler for the correct execution of each posture and will not let it pass unnoticed if you slack off. Needless to say she had quite a few corrections for me : lock your elbows more, upper body back more, hips forward and the likes!! It was good for I couldn't indulge in self-pity for too long and was really focusing on staying in the postures. Still, Dizzy threw me off a couple of times.
Tomorrow I will go out and find myself some Electrolyte-product. I've tried the Gatorade-way for a few days but other then discovering that I don't like it I didn't get much of it.
Another issue has been partly resolved today:
When we crossed the border for our road-trip to San-Fran., three weeks ago, I was informed, by the Homeland-security of USA, that I apparently failed to leave the States 14!!!!Years ago within the 90-days given. I've been to the States a couple of times after that One-day-visit, without ever having known of this. This time I was permitted entry, but told to bring in prove of not outstaying my Welcome that long-gone-by time, next time I choose to travel into the States. Well the next time I 'choose' to travel into the States will be for TT!!! So today we went to see Homeland-security in the Victoria harbor, at the Ferry terminal to Port Angeles. This time I was told that that is such a minor issue (and btw. seems to happen quite a lot!!) that I really shouldn't worry about it. So by the looks of it I will have to see what kind of officer I will encounter on the day when I travel to San Diego and just hope that it is one of the easy going kind!!! Wish me luck on that one!!!
Anyway, I have booked my flight now as well as two more nights at the Resort Hotel. Thanks to following the FB-page I did so without mentioning the Bikram TT!
Following the discussion, I got the impression that by not mentioning it you can save some bucks?! Come to think of it, I shouldn't be charged  for the first night because it will be nearly over by the time I'll get there ( that is to say, by my standard NOT by Bikram's ), but who wants to argue ;-)??
Last but not least I finally got past the Locust Pose to memorize; for some reason that was really hard on my brain cells, and went through the Full Locust Pose like a breeze this afternoon. Lucky I only need my brain to memorize the dialogue and don't need to understand how it decides on hard or not so hard!
( If that were the case I would be ├╝ber-challenged!!!)
Summer vacation is coming to an end, and yesterdays afternoon was spend with labeling the school supplies, and decorating them with a lushes amount of colorful stickers.
Once school routine starts again it'll be only 12 more days...... YES time is ticking!!!


  1. Wow, you're up to locust pose already? Way to go, that's awesome! My brain always got stuck on those quick spine strengthening postures, too. I spent waaay too much time trying to remember, "Is it 'go up, way up, more up' or 'way up, go up, more up'??" Hah. I just found your blog and I'm so excited for your teacher training journey. Thanks for letting us follow along. I linked to you from my blog, which I hope is ok. (If not, I'll just take it back down.) That'll probably get you a couple more interested readers, who will all be cheering you on.... :)


  2. Hi Juliana, I just stumbled over the fact that I have a new 'Follower'... still getting used to this blogging business...
    I'm glad you like it so far, btw. I've read your TT-blog as well and liked it.
    Curious to see how this blog will fare once TT starts for me ;-)