Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thank you, Tori!

Today was the first day of school after the summer break.
Nothing much for my second son, Georg, 'only' the advancement into grade 11.
My oldest, Max, felt funny and left out for not having to join the school parade and still waits for his class to start at college.
Agnes didn't have much of a first day for she now joined Middle School and that meant that there were only introductions, the School's etiquette or Way-of-conduct to listen to and as the 'piece du resistance': the school-tour. All together it took two hours.
It kept me from my usual class at 9am so I made it to the 3:45pm.
Walking into the studio I was greeted by a smiling Tori just having finished class. She normally teaches and trains at the Sidney Studio, so our ways don't cross too often, which is really sad 'cause I like her and she is a great teacher too!!
She asked me how I was doing with TT coming up in such a short time now?
I had to admit that even though I don't feel nervous mentally (when awake that is), my digestive system is telling me otherwise. It has always been this way with me, when something big is coming up, that I don't feel at ease with (tests, exams, leaving for a year as an exchange student, moving abroad etc.). It's like a big cleanse!
Then there is this weird dreaming.... I have a history of very imaginative dreams but excuse me, who needs to dream about Bikram?? Faceless and not even saying anything (haven't met him yet so I'm not able to fill the gaps) he looms in the back of my mind interfering with everything else that I dream about..... so taking this all into account I have to say: YES I am getting nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also I told her that I have reached a point where I don't know if how I've been learning the dialogue will actually be enough? She was sooooo encouraging, telling me all was well and that I should have no big problems with the dialogue. About the nervous stomach she just pointed out what is sure to happen: it will get worse, for the detoxing will kick into High Gear once the double classes start.
But other then that nothing much to worry about.
I felt so good after talking to her! I'd had loved to continue our chat but excused myself first to get a place for my matt and when I returned she was already gone.  She encouraged me enough that I will now try to get the last few postures memorized before I leave, which I was close to giving up on. THANK you so much Tori, for being there for me and helping me without even being aware of it!!!!
One last thing:
a while ago there was this rumor posted on the TT-Fall FB-page that no other than Lindsay Lohan is to join the ranks of the students at TT. As that post got deleted very fast, mysteriously, I didn't pay too close attention to it. But today, the post reappeared on the FB page of my studio, mentioning that one of us might find herself with L.L. as her room mate. Now I still doubt the authenticity of this rumor but then again one never knows. I don't think that she'll be much to concern ourselves with, should she actually come; but also wouldn't like it if this 'Celebrity' pulls stunts all the time, insisting on special treatment and spoiling the experience for all those that come to TT with the earnest desire to learn more about this Yoga and to become good/great teachers. Guess I'll have to wait until I get to San Diego before I can be sure either which way

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