Sunday, September 19, 2010


It is done: I successfully arrived at the hotel here in San Diego, found my way around to stack up on all the things I'd been advised to, already met a bunch of new people and have the registration as well as the first part of the orientation behind me.
On my way here I got held up by the border security, which I had seen coming and, as I found out from other yogis, was by no means the only one. I had all my papers ready, handed them over to a very friendly security guy and was granted entry about an hour later. The security was in very good spirits when waving me through but couldn't tell me if this was the last time I would be bothered with ancient record-history. So I happily made my way to my gate, set down and had the fare well from my family on playback in my mind. Max and Georg were trying to stay cool  (and succeeded), Agnes had a bit of a harder time but tried her best to keep her head up!! My hubby and I are super well trained in good-byes, but since it was ME leaving this time it had a flair of novelty. All in all I am now in good spirits that they will do just fine and am more relaxed for the time ahead.
On Friday morning I met with Chrissy and Heather from Toronto and we went out together to do our share in retail therapy.By noon we got back from the first round, which centered around appliances, and toiletries, to find out that the hotel slowly stared to fill up with yogis. It was really funny when I entered the lobby and was called by name by this one woman that looked oddly familiar but then again wasn't... Turns out it was Brandy, one of the face book people. It was fun to meet with her, but since she was busy checking in and I was only passing through we didn't have much time then and I haven't spotted her again since. After a little break Heather, Chrissy and me  met again to go out and get some groceries. By the early afternoon we were done, not just with the shopping but with the energy as well. So we took a little rest and met again for dinner. By that time we were joined by Jane and Rhiannon from my studio. We enjoyed a very delicious salad with a good glass of wine, being fully aware that it is going to be some time before we are 'allowed' wine again.
This morning had me move out of my previous room and into my final domicile for the next weeks.
By strike of fortune I was offered the choice(!) to either stay in the room I had arrived to or change to the other one. When I asked about the pros and cons of each room a Bell-boy was called to show the new room to me to make the decision easier. I thought that was really cool and luck as well because now I/we have a good sized bathroom with a little room in front, separated from the main room. Due to that we have enough space for the appliances and even to put up a drying rack. I feel really fortunate, hearing about some of the other rooms. My room-mate is Jana and for now all I know is that she is from Prague. We met very briefly when I moved in and she was here already, but haven't really seen a lot of each other since. From what I'm understanding she has yet to get some groceries.
Today's registration was scheduled for 1pm to be followed with orientation at 3pm. Needless to say that the registration took w.a.y. longer then anticipated and I don't think that even half of the trainees are registered yet. Jane and me were hanging out together and wondering if the fourth one from our studio, Andy, did make it on time for she was to arrive  just shortly before registration. She found us amidst the crowd but hadn't checked in yet and didn't know her room or room-mate at that time. Since I didn't see her at the social event I guess she was still busy at the reception.
Tomorrow will start at 10:00 am, with the rest of the orientation and some more infos, I guess, and then we are to have our first class in this ginormous tent. We were told that our Training is the biggest so far with 400 people eager to become teachers. I have a hunch that a temperature of 40- 43 grade Celsius is going to be a thing from the past....
One of the many things said to us today rang loud and clear in my head: " let go of expectations and judgment, have an open mind and heart and LISTEN!! So I'll try to do all of that and stick to it throughout this camp.
Earlier we were invited for a little socializing, paired with some snacks and smoothies. It was fun and entertaining to see all these people in a sort of giddy state of mind, a mixture of excitement, tiredness (jet lag)and happy anticipation. 
One last thing: I met one of my very first teachers here. It's Tu and from what I heard he will be here for the full 9 weeks. I do look forward to his classes and his assistance in the posture clinics. I was totally flattered that he not only remembered me but also remembered my name ( I hope that the reason he does, is a good one...) 
It's 10pm now and even though Jana isn't back yet, I'll get myself ready for some pillow talk. Who knows what time it will be tomorrow when I can do that....     


  1. Wow....your roommate is my friend from Prague!! Please say hello to Jana from me, tell her Sylvia says hi and that I´m reading your blog! I already wished her good luck,of course, there two girls from our Prague studio...:)
    I wish you a lot of strength and patience, keep locking the knee and remember to breathe (the rest is optional).
    I´ll be following your journey...:)

  2. Hello Bettina! I enjoyed reading this post...I just love all the details! Have fun and keep us posted when you can!