Monday, September 13, 2010

Great weekend

My last weekend before TT is spend.
I didn't do anything that would prepare me for departure on the 17th, but my mind was totally occupied with yoga 3/4 of the time.
Saturday my hubby and me got up fairly early and left for a yoga class at the newly renovated Westshore Studio. On our way there we picked up Andy, one of my fellow adventurers from my studio going to TT. Together we arrived 1/2 an hour before 8, so perfect to check everything out, get a spot on the floor and chat a little before the class started. To celebrate the finished renovation it was an open-day-weekend. The class was full, not packed, but no spare space either. It was a great start into the day!
Once done, we took off back home, I had a super fast yogi-shower and then went with Agnes to Jane's   place (yet another fellow yogi from the studio going to TT) to enjoy some time with her horses. Agnes was invited for a ride a few weeks ago and we wanted to make it happen again one more time before leaving for San Diego. Jane gave me her horse, Diego, who is a real dear and didn't seem to mind having me on his back. Now, I haven't been riding for over 20 years and hadn't planned on picking it up again, so I was a little nervous in the beginning. No need for worries, Diego charmed his way right into my heart and I had a blast. While we enjoyed each others company, Agnes was riding ahead or behind, led along by Jane. It was a beautiful day with sunshine, busy bees and dragonflies and the warmth of late summer. Perfect!!!
I was a little concerned to be sore the next day, due to sitting in the saddle for some time but Sunday came and there was no soreness at all.... guess I can thank Bikram's drill for it!?!!
Sunday morning had me up early again and getting ready to head out to the studio in Sidney where I took part in a workshop led by Diane Ducharme. I was so excited, for I have heard so many things and read a little less, about Diane that I was happy to be able to meet her in person. Her presence filled the room and her energy didn't seem to fade at all throughout  the long day. The way how she made us look at all the postures gave each single one it's own little secret to look for, adjust ones posture with, or get new insights from. It was awesome to see some of the students achieve new levels and depths under Diane's guidance!  It was FANTASTIC!!!  I felt totally washed out afterwards and fell asleep on the couch at home shortly after dinner. To be honest, I'm still tired!!
Today had me in class again at 9 am. Carla was teaching and I took the opportunity to say good-bye in case we don't get to see each other before I leave. She has her own MEGA-excitement coming up on the weekend: she is getting married, so time runs out for her on a different level!!!!
She gave me a little card with best wishes for my journey while at TT! So encouraging and hitting exactly the right tone!! Coming from someone who's just been at TT and through it herself she is in the knows what one needs!!
I even saw Anastasia for a sec. and said good-bye to her as well, all in case I don't get to see her before leaving. I'm not  sure on how my practice schedule will be until Friday so it's better to take the chance when it represents itself then to wait for the perfect moment (lesson learned from my last experience, hopefully).  It feels funny that good-byes are already necessary, for I'm still not feeling the excitement...
Maybe that sets in once I'm on the plane on my way to San Diego, which means I've passed homeland security, since my first touch-down is in Seattle.  


  1. I'm in awe B.... you go girl!

    Have an enlightening experience!



  2. Hey Pete, so nice to meet you here!!!