Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here we go

where to begin...
I'll be going to Bikram's Teacher Training in San Diego this fall. This has me head-over-heals excited and Oh-God-what-did-I-get-myself-into scared at the same time. As many other firsts that came along with the decision to actually go to TT (Teacher Training) writing a Blog is another one. I've read some very interesting  blogs of previous Bikram students ( my absolute favorite being Jenn's from Seattle: ), but I also have found out that time is a very precious thing at TT and am not really sure if I'll have enough to spare to keep this blog going. Yet I look at this blog as a tool to keep my family in the knows and also to help me work through the experience with the reflection that writing something down brings to me. So wish me luck!

What got me started?
February last year my hubby and I were looking around for some sort of exercise. He had read about this Bikram Yoga and a studio had just opened up store close to us. So we went, checked the studio out, got a two week intro ticket and entered the hot room.... I was intrigued pretty much from the get go, there was something that fascinated me about the whole concept. I felt like, maybe, a little child experiencing Christmas for the first time! I was in awe at the ability of some students to twist and stretch, at the willingness of everyone in the room to endure the heat, the encouraging way the teacher spoke and guided us through the 'ordeal', even the amount of students being present in the class during the week at 1:45 pm. Most of all I noted the friendliness of just about everyone around, everyone seemed to be in a specially good mood....
Needless to say that I came back for more and more and more. Sadly my hubby travels a lot which makes it difficult for him to go to practice regular but I'm in the studio nearly every day.
Right from the beginning I researched and read a lot in the internet about this form of Yoga; TT,  in particular, fascinated me! The sheer intensity of this 9 week long boot-camp scared the bejeevers out of me!! But, I felt save, since the sole fact that it takes 9 weeks to be away from home seemed to make it unreachable for me, being a stay-at-home-Mom of three. Still, I would go back to the blogs over and over again imagining what it would be like....
This year got me started with a harmless 30 Day-challenge that mutated into a 101 D.-C.! Being able to finish that and then hearing that one of the studio's receptionists intended to go to TT  this spring got me intrigued all over again. From the second row seat I looked on as Carla prepared for departure, followed her progress as good as possible while she was in Vegas and took her first class after we had her back. She is teaching pretty regular now and boy am I impressed what a great teacher she has become!!! It's really exciting to see that kind of transformation and makes me wonder what will be in store for me??
As life sometimes moves in mysterious ways, what seemed impossible only a year ago became reality at the end of June and I send my applications off to Bikram's Yoga College. That this is possible for me seems to say that it is now MY time to follow my dreams, concentrate solely on me (I hope I still know how that works) and take as much out of this training as I possibly can.

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  1. Love your blog! Don't worry too much about the nerves and the self-doubt. We are all going through it right now and I suspect it will continue until the moment of our graduation. And then we'll have to deal with the anticipation of teaching our first class! It's all part of the wonderful journey we're embarking on. Can't wait to meet you!