Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Few Classes Later

Finally I've gotten to a point where I think it's worth while to edit another post.
I have taught 13 classes so far (more then I had expected).
I admit that it is fun but my head still keeps me busy most of the time. I focus on the dialogue, maybe a little too much, try to stay on time and wonder if I do things wrong.
Today Abbey (studio owner) took my class, so I finally got some feedback. My homework for now is to relax and start to really have some fun, since my knowledge of the dialogue got approval. Sounds easy enough....we will see.
My first class was an odd experience. I was so nervous! While in the class I felt lightheaded and dizzy, so I sat down for the floor series. I knew it wasn't good for the energy but I didn't feel like making a spectacle of me with fainting and falling off the podium. Luckily it was a one time experience. It feels like it has gone up steadily ever since. The only problem that remains is the timing! One thing we never learned in TT. Reading through the entries on the FB-page I'm certainly not the only one with problems here. Maybe it would be an idea to give some time to talking about timing the class, at least more then the 5min at the very end of TT that we got.
TT seems already so far away that it is kind of hard to realise it's only been 4 weeks since we had our graduation.
It has been time to reflect upon the training though.
I have to say that even though TT has by far NOT been the hardest thing I have ever done (as it has been so often predicted), it certainly was very interesting, fun and totally unique! Did I get everything out of it that I was hoping for??? No, I didn't! But I got other things in exchange that I hadn't expected.
I would have loved to learn a little more about each posture and why they work the way they do, but I think to cover all that it would definitely take more then 9 weeks and you want to have something to work towards to too. So I guess patience is the word here.
Getting the feedback in the Posture Clinics was revealing, interesting and fun. My most favourite evaluators where Joanne (Jo), Diane, Nikki, Lisa and Lynn. Jo and Nikki kept following my group around and so had a good understanding of everyones progress, other then being very supportive and just plain fun to have around!!! Lisa was hilarious and gave some real cool tips to some in my group with immediate results. I thank Diane for being such a quell of information and always in a good mood, still holding you responsible for your effort. Lynn was always straight forward, clear with the feedback, helpful and also holding you responsible for your progress. Great women, all of them and I truly feel fortunate to have met them.
I had hoped on improving my postures a bit but instead went backwards with alarming speed. Not uncommon but frustrating to say the least!!! With teaching and the normal routine at home my practice hasn't been as regular as before the TT but I slowly start to see improvement again with all the aches and pains from TT being part of the history. Since I'm one lucky person I have been able to attend Advanced training taught by Ida Ripley once and will continue to do so whenever I can fit it in. Oh boy, there is still so much more out there to challenge myself with I'm positive I won't get bored any time soon!!
I met to many wonderful people at TT that it was kind of overwhelming! I loved all their individuality, joyfulness, hopes and dreams and the total lack of competitiveness!!! I loved our group of five that would go out and explore the culinary side of San Diego every weekend. I ABSOLUTELY L O V E D my roomy Jana from Prague! How lucky can one being be to end up with such a great person?? Always in a good mood, even when she was upset, the bestest of all study buddies and just a super great friend to have gained from the training!
The list goes on and on there is still so much more that floats around my head.....
Teacher Training certainly was a great, once in a lifetime experience which I'm happy I was able to take and I thank all of my family members that made this dream come true for me!!!!


  1. thankyou for sharing your last part(well not really last but you know what i mean)--I really like your honesty as you know alot of people would not be as honest which i love...why lie about something as huge as TT!!! and I hope you get more work and more progress in your teaching and your practice and wish you all the best for future...
    HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND FANTASTIC NEW YEAR:) and thanks for lettin me follow you...LOL

    (sydney australia)

  2. Thank you very much Kylie, for following my blog and your nice and friendly comments! I'm sure glad you liked it!!! I'm still dreaming on coming down to Sydney again some day so maybe.... sometime in the future.... ;-)

  3. I agree, thanks for sharing your whole experience and not sugar coating it. Raw and to the point I like it! All the best, Kat (Perth, Western Australia!)