Monday, November 15, 2010

Only a few days left

The time of “last-ones” has started! We already had our last Yoga class on a Saturday! That one was taught by Jo Robinson! It was a very good class in the way of pacing, motivation and general nice atmosphere. My posture clinic group was lucky enough to have had her quite some many times as an evaluator. Always smiling and in a good mood, she would encourage where necessary but also hold you responsible for getting it right! She embodies the kind of teacher that I would love to turn into! We also had our last Posture Clinic on Thursday morning, or “camp-time” afternoon. They wanted to get us all through so there was not that much time for feedback but at this point of the game we didn’t really care either. Lucky as we have been throughout the time of Posture Clinics with our evaluators, Jo came to our last one as well. It was so great to have someone there that has been with you for a big chunk of this journey and could see the transformation from the beginning up until now. I can’t say that I feel prepared for my first class after all this dialogue practice, but I do know that I don’t stand alone and if you ask for advice the most common answer is to “trust the process”, for lack of other options I guess that that is exactly what I will do!
Yesterday also marked our last outing to do laundry and groceries. In the evening we went a last time to Old San Diego and had one last dinner at “Fred’s” the same place we went to on our first night out together. This morning Jane, Heather and Chrissy will go to the local farmer’s market for the last time. Jana and I took a pass on the invitation to come along. I am scheduled for a phone call with my family and since I didn’t really get around it yesterday and it is my eldest’s birthday today it might take a little longer. In the afternoon we have the regional Yoga-Championship here in ‘our’ tent. It will be interesting to watch. That also means that there will be vendors for Yoga-clothes and we are all starving for some new colors and styles! Since the weather is nice and there is no direct pressure to learn dialogue anymore it promises to be fun. After we have taken in our fill of Yoga performance and selling stands we will head out one more time to La Jolla.
The next week we are promised to get lectures from Bikram and Rajashree that will give us more in depth knowledge on this kind of Yoga. I am very hopeful that that will be interesting! The drawback of being done with the Posture Clinics and having ‘only’ lectures ahead is that we will be sitting in the chairs for many, many hours without end without the opportunity to move. As always there is something good as well: sitting without moving means that I won’t get reminded on all the places my body is hurting at this point. It is kind of disturbing to see my practice going backwards to this degree. Every day I’m challenged by yet another posture. Locking my knee is a challenge in itself, not to mention this stabbing pain in my derrière when I try to do the ‘Head to Knee’. Awkward and Toe Stand let me think that my knees will detach at any moment (and honestly I wouldn’t mind if that means it doesn’t hurt so much) and the newest edition is Fixed Firm Pose. I absolutely NEVER have had problems with this one….. up until now that is!! It is truly a sorry affaire! I’m contemplating to stay away from the studio for a good part of the first week just to regenerate and not to embarrass myself too much.
Since, yet again, the internet connection sucks big time and I have not been able to edit this post as of yet, I might as well write about our afternoon.
The Championship was very nice to watch. We got to enjoy the complete set of men and half of the women before we made a bee line to La Jolla to check out the LulluLemon sales event. It wasn’t what it had promised to be but was nice nevertheless. I found myself a nice hoodie and another combi for my upcoming days as a teacher. Now I find myself in the dilemma on what to wear for the first class…. Thanks to all the other vendors that were here for the weekend I also got o few more tops and shorts, definitely not at all necessary but there is just nothing that beats good old retail-therapy. As a lovely ending to a, quite expensive, weekend we had dinner in a cute little Italian place in La Jolla. Those Gnocchi in Gorgonzola Crème Sauce were just perfect and lip smacking good. Since the conversation reduced by quite a bit for some time I figure everyone was enjoying their chosen dinner as well. Now I will try the internet one more time before I call it a day and try again tomorrow.

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  1. Well here in Sydney AUSTRALIA its sat afternoon so therefore you guys are FINISHED!!! SO I WANT TO SAY CONGRATS FOR FINISHING!!! YAY ALL DONE:) HOW VERY EXCITING...and thankyou for sharing your journey with us all and cant wait to see your final post b4 starting teach:)