Sunday, October 31, 2010

Can you believe it, week 6 is a part of history

Here I am sitting outside in the sun at 8:30 in the morning; my roomy is still asleep, dressed in skirt, tank top and bare feet at the end of October…. Life is REALLY good right now!!!!
Week 6 started with a lecture held by John Burras. The subject was 1. Fascia & Yoga, 2. Emotional Anatomy, the stage was full of little gismos for demonstrating purposes and it looked very promising. When he started he asked us to stay open minded and just try to look at things from a different angle. I really tried to stay open but it got harder and harder. Now, I consider myself open to all kinds of different believes and I certainly am interested in everything esoteric, but the way how he tried to sell his subject was a challenge. The tent was divided in those being completely in tune with what he said and those that had their doubts. I was in between the two for some time but changed over to the doubters when it became evident that his knowledge had no real foundation. Every time he was asked a more critical question he evaded the answer or promised to get to that later, which he never did. I am still trying to figure out how he got into this program but I guess everyone should be given his chance, and since he reached a few of us it might just be me missing the message. He kept us occupied for Monday’s and Tuesday’s morning lecture. So we had posture clinics in the evenings. Wednesday Dom had to break his promise that there would be no double posture clinics and we found ourselves reciting dialogue in the morning as well as in the evening. Thursday yet another of Dom’s promises was broken. “If there is a double posture clinic on one day you won’t have any posture clinic the next day.” Well, we had a full repeat of Wednesday’s schedule!!! So by Friday we were all resigned to the fact that we would have another double set of clinics. After the evening yoga class, to which most of us came dressed up for Halloween, Bikram announced that we all had to be in the Lecture tent by 7:45 for Rajashree had organized a Pizza party for us. Evening Posture clinics or Lectures start at 9:00pm so we didn’t trust that we would be free after the party. At 9:00pm Bikram announced that he would have to leave now, but that we were free to stay and party on or leave!!! So we enjoyed some more pizza, generous helpings of cookies and trick-or-treat-candies and Soda-pops. The whole time we got to listen and dance to the music of one of Bikram’s CDs. I have to admit that I just might have to get that one, for memory purpose as well as that it is actually not too bad. One more thing about the posture clinic: on Thursday Jane had a double break through!! She has had a strong run from the beginning but the two postures delivered on Thursday blew us all away. Living with the process of these clinics for a few weeks now and slowly getting the impression that the teachers just might be running out of things to say to us, has us slowly letting go of the stage fright so many of us had to fight in the beginning. Jane never belonged to those having to hold on to their nerves while delivering but had to work more the opposite way as in not having too much fun out there. Well, Thursday was her day to let go completely of that restrain and give it as much fun and “TADA” as she felt like. I SO will be there for her first class!!!! It is going to be great!!! Saanich watch out for that fire cracker!!!
Yesterday had us in our usual routine with laundry and groceries. In the afternoon I spoke with my family on the phone. My Mom did leave last Tuesday and now they are on their own, but I know that I have the best kids ever (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and they will keep my husband alive and the house intact! I do miss them, when I get some time to do so, but I also freely admit that I have a great time here and enjoy every minute of it!! So far I have not been hit by any emotional outbreak, the feared Yoga-truck has only parked in the area but hasn’t turned my way yet, I’m getting along great with everyone, I have been able to stay awake through every lecture, posture clinic (yes, I know that there is this one photo circling the internet, but there is a story to it) and have not missed one minute of any of the movies or Mahabarat-sequences that were mandatory! I have, however, declined every invitation to watch a movie until dawn and instead opted for the comforts of my bed! On the downside my practice has gone down the drain! If this would have been my state of practice when I asked for their signature on my application for TT I’m sure Anastasia and Abbey would have declined!!! I’m glad that they don’t have to witness the poor state of it here and just hope I don’t embarrass them too much!!!
Later today I will meet with Jane, Heather and Andy to visit the farmers-market. It is said to be fantastic so I do look forward to that visit! Later in the evening we are heading to a Chinese restaurant that is close by in the mall. It seems to be very good and one can’t get a place without reservation. I already look forward to that culinary treat, but the time in between I will spend with the ‘beloved’ dialogue.


  1. Awesome..Keep up the great work..almost there now:) I also would miss my kids but kinda enjoy the peace and quiet of not having them around 24/7:) at least you have good family support and hubby to help you...yeh heard about pizza night sounds like fun.
    Well enjoy this week and look forward to hearing from you again next week

  2. Bettina, don't beat yourself up (re: your practice having gone down the drain)...we're behind you all the way and can't wait to take your first class! You will rock for sure! You're in the homestretch now...more power to you!