Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birthday in the Yoga-Bubble

Another week has come and gone, the internet-connection still sucks big time, the service attitude from the hotel hasn’t improved, the tent challenges us with temperature variations, posture- clinic moves along nicely, Anatomy is over, the big test follows on Monday, Bikram returns tomorrow night to stay until the end of the training, Bollywood is shining on the horizon…..GOOD TIMES!!!!
We have finished our Anatomy class. It was a very high paced intro to: what is, how does it work, how does it all work together and, BIGGEST of all: how does it connect with Bikram Yoga!! Dr. P. made sure that we wouldn’t fall asleep, he sure is one entertaining teacher!!! Thanks to some rather strange questions and his responses we had some really healthy laughs!! So sad, to have him leave, but he said he will try to be back for the graduation ceremony! The time that he was here he took both yoga classes pretty much every day and suffered right along with us! Great guy!!!
Posture Clinic is moving along! The visiting teachers and staff don’t get tiered of telling us how great we are and that we are the best TT EVER! I wonder (actually I’m sure of it) if that is common motivational talk?!! We got up to Triangle, which means that that will be the posture we start week 5 with. A few got to deliver it already on Friday, but it will keep us busy for Monday and I guess part of Tuesday. I had good feedback on my deliveries and am now positive that I will get the hang of the secrets of teaching before the time is up!! Jane also gets continuously positive feedback and is always fun to listen to. She’ll be a great teacher!! Together we weather the challenges and it is great to have her right there by my side, always good for a laugh and a great study buddy, same as my roomy!!! I feel fortunate to have such great friends! Our group, #4, has gotten tighter over the weeks and it is such a great experience to see how each and every one of us overcomes his/her challenges and gets better and better from class to class , supported by the group.
Bikram is expected to come back tomorrow. So the time of “early” nights, 11pm, will be history. Instead it will be the famous long nights, with lectures and Bollywood. Since the last one is full with stunning looking actors, I don’t mind this part too much. I am a little concerned about endless lectures though! But… I’m here to have no expectations and just go with whatever it is that comes my way! Funny as it may seem, I’m actually getting better with it ;-)
It is interesting to see/hear that there are people in this camp that have quite some problems. This can be anything from stressing out over everything, problems with your roomy, the wrong attitude or whatever. Even though I try to understand them, which isn’t always possible, I have managed so far not to get too close or involved! I am always willing to help and support each and every one of these yogis, but I have (so far) been able to keep enough distance, mentally, that it does not wear me down. I also get SO MUCH positive energy, good will/Karma and just pure love that it sometimes is quite overwhelming. For example: this Wednesday was my birthday. I hadn’t planned on sharing this bit of info with anyone here in the camp and since the internet-connection was even worse than normal all week, I felt confident that I would succeed…. That was until I entered the tent and got the first birthday wishes from Heather!! That kind of triggered a chain reaction and had me collecting wishes and hugs all day long! Jane made the funniest b’day-card ever and, together with Jana, took me out for dinner! Andy presented me with 2!!! Pieces of the most delicious cake from the nearby Cheesecake-factory-café with a card so full of the kindest words that I was close to tears! Kent gave me be the BEST birthday hug EVER and Elwin presented me with a pink flamingo-stuffy, again accompanied with a card full of the nicest words. I felt special and loved! THAT is the power of new found friendship here in the camp!!!! What a great place to be!
Tomorrow we will concentrate on advancing with the dialogue and getting the Anatomy into our heads. I think that, with the weather being a little overcast and all the other chores out of the way, we should move ahead nicely and start the new week with a good conscience and the feeling of being prepared.

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